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The Weather People

Hot off the press! The '4-horn' project!

The album 'Current Conditions'  is now out, and is available for purchase as either CD or digital download.

Come hear us play live at our CD release party on Friday, April 29th! (you can buy your CD right there!)

We'd love to see you at 7pm in Shepherdstown, WV at the War Memorial Building on German Street. Drop by, say hi, mix with friends and fellow music lovers, and soak in some new sounds.

 I'm so pleased at how this project turned out for us, 'The Weather People': Adam Hanlin (trumpet), Anita Thomas (tenor sax), Howard Burns (alto/sop sax), and myself on trombone.

Influences include jazz, rock, Latin, classical/art music as performed by James Brown, Blood Sweat and Tears, Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Stravinsky, John Williams, Mozart, Tito Puente, Duke Ellington, Wayne Shorter, and many others.

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- Guitarist Candice Mowbray has commissioned me to arrange the beautiful old John Dowland lute song "Lachrimae Pavane", a.k.a. 'Flow My Tears', for her to perform with string quartet.

This one has kept me awake at nights, and brought out every 'procrastination technique' I've been guilty of. Mostly, I've spent a lot of time just wondering how I can do justice to this beautiful, haunting melody which will be performed by such a wonderful musician and guitarist.

A composer friend of mine in London (Mike Hewer) said that he is envious of my task, and then proceeded to send me links to numerous renderings and arrangements of the Dowland tune that have been undertaken through the ages. (Yeah...thanks Mike!...but I don't know if I'm in the same league as Benjamin Britten! You are!)

But, I am starting to like what I'm coming up with, and the arrangement has been revealing itself to me!

(note to Candice...I'm also finished!)


- the guitar duo of Candice Mowbray and Danny Webber have recently been performing "Winter Dance", which I composed for them this past January. The music has seen performances at the Shippensburg University Chapel Series of concerts as well as the Springfield Presbyterian Church Music Concert Series in Sykesville, MD.


- MAD Dance has commissioned me to create a soundscore for their latest project, which will be shown June 25 in Frederick, MD.

We are collaborating with poet/artist/climate advocate Neha Misra for this fascinating project.

Stay tuned for more!